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About Caroline

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I became interested in real estate starting at a very young age, as I grew up with Real Estate all around me.  My Grandmother and Father owned and operated a Real Estate and Insurance Agency throughout my entire childhood, where they sold and rented properties, as well as managed rental complexes.  I spent every Saturday growing up with my Father "working," either answering the phone at his agency, going with him to fix something at a tenant's apartment, or getting a property ready to list. My Father also had experience building new homes as well as remodeling homes and apartment buildings, and this interest rubbed off on me, and I was always interested in how structures were built and how they could be changed.  

When I wasn't busy at school or working on a Saturday throughout my childhood, I could often be found in the garage at home constructing scale model homes out of scrap wood. That developed into a love for real homes as I got older, and I began renovating full scale homes in my early 20’s right out of college, which I learned I loved even more than building models!  After I earned my bachelors degree from UCONN, I went on to earn two Masters degrees in Business Management and Business Administration, all the while buying and selling my own homes, which helped me to gain invaluable education and experience in the business world.  In addition to helping Clients buy and sell homes, I also have 20 years of experience managing and negotiating legal contracts, which provides critical experience in negotiating and managing Real Estate contracts and transactions.  

I look forward to helping you find your dream home or sell your property!

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